New Add-On: Bogie's Mapping Objects

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New Add-On: Bogie's Mapping Objects

Post by Mark Oliva » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:49 am

Good morning!

We've now released a beta version of our 2nd add-on package for OWM, actually 2 packages in one:

Bogie's Mapping Objects
Bogies Redthorn Tavern

The attached graphic gives you an example of the kind of maps, floor and dungeon plans you can make with this add-on. It is free and licensed for private and commercial use.

Dan Roy - a.k.a. Bogie - is one of the most prominent creators of graphics for fantasy RPG cartographic programs in the internet. His works are legend in the Cartographers Guild ( ... .asp?FID=8) forums. He has licensed the The Vintyri™ Project to distribute this work.

The collection includes 1,049 new features and 148 new textures for OWM. The focal point of this collection is dungeon type cartography in the broad sense of the word dungeon, meaning both underground dungeons and above-ground floor plan objects. Bogies Mapping Objects includes a wide variety of textures and features emphasizing dungeon cartography but also with elements such as 31 building features for city maps and many textures that are quite useful in overland, city and dungeon maps. In the Internet, Bogie's Redthorn Tavern generally is considered to be the definitive set for furnishing the favorite meeting places of most RPG PCs ... the inn or tavern.

The download package includes:

1) The installer for these add-ons.
2) A bookmarked PDF manual with tutorial that shows step-for-step how to make the tiny country tavern seen in the attached graphic.
3) The final OWM file for this graphic.

You can get it here: ... (268 MB)

With this beta release, two of our four add-ons for OWM now are available. The last two add-ons are considerably bigger. Whether we release OWM versions of them will depend upon whether this Bogie package and the Vintyri Cartographic Collection draw sufficient interest to warrant the work. We measure interest in terns of the response that we get, whether we see maps using these products posted online and, to a lesser degree, our download statistics. We do not overrate download statistics because many people to download free material but never actually put it to use,

Redthorn Tavern.jpg
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Mark Oliva
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