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Final Add-On Released: Dundjinni Archives Vol 3

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:53 am
by Mark Oliva
We've released the new OWM version of Volume 3 of the Dundjinni Archives. With this release, all of the free Vintyri-distributed add-ons now are available in OWM versions. The 3 Dundjinni Archives volumes together give you about 20,000 new OWM textures and features. They not only are freeware but also are licensed for private and commercial use.

Volume 3 consists of textures and features for modern and sci-fi cartography. It includes a wide variety of graphics ranging from railroad trains and modern autos to spacecraft and star fields. However, most fantasy RPG cartographers probably will find that they can skip this volume.


Should download this file and unzip it into a temporary folder: 255 MB

Among the resulting files is Dundjinni Archives Vol 3 for OWM.pdf. It contains illustrated, step-for-step instructions for installing the add-on.


Should download this file and unzip it into:

(Installation Location) > Three Minds Software > Other World Mapper 2.54 MB

One of the resulting files is called Dundjinni Archives Vol 3 for OWM.pdf. Ignore the instructions for a Windows installation. Your ZIP-action already has installed the add-on.


The PDF guide mentioned above has an introduction into the use of Volume 3. The attached graphic is a sample of a star field with planets and spacecraft that was made with Volume 3 objects.