CSUAC for OWM Released

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CSUAC for OWM Released

Post by Mark Oliva » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:40 am

One of our members, Trevor Cooke in Edinburgh, had an accident last week while hiking in the Grampians, which resulted in a minor leg bone fracture. As a result he'll be spending a fortnight or so wearing a cast and mostly sitting in a chair. What's good for the gander is not always good for the goose. In our case, we're benefiting, because Trevor placed that chair in front of his computer and is spending his time converting more of our cartographic apps for OWM. I received the first of them with guide yesterday.

The new release is the CSUAC for Other World Mapper, For those unfamiliar with it, this is the first huge collection of user-created artwork for bitmap (raster) cartography. All of this work was produced more than a decade ago by Dundjinni cartographers. CSUAC = Cecil Solomon's User Art Collection. Cecil collected nearly 5,000 symbols (features) and textures from the Dundjinni Forums and then contacted the artists and received their permission to release them for free personal and commercial use in the CSUAC. Cecil in turn licensed us to produce a version for Fractal Mapper 8. Our new OWM release ports the FM8 version with all bells and whistles to OWM.

The CSUAC includes not only fantasy RPG objects but also Modern and SciFi catalogs. It includes 4,408 features, 96 textures, two templates and two themes. Cecil concluded his work with the CSUAC in 2006. Dundjinni Forums Administrator Daniel Pryor then continued the project under the name Dundinni Archives, which is a considerably larger collection than the CSUAC. Trevor now is working on porting the Dundinni Archives for OWM, but because of the size of the collection, we can give you no estimate yet of the date when he'll be finished.

The CSUAC is available here:

https://www.vintyri.org/downloads/CSUAC_OWM.zip (681 MB)

The ZIP file contains:

1. The setup program.
2. The bookmarked PDF User Guide, including installation instructions and short tutorial.
3. The final version of the original OWM dungeon plan made in the tutorial.

The graphic is a quick and dirty mini-dungeon made with CSUAC objects.

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