Support Linux on riscv64gc hardware?

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Moritz Maxeiner
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Support Linux on riscv64gc hardware?

Post by Moritz Maxeiner » Fri Mar 25, 2022 2:35 pm


I know that this is something extremely fringe and you probably won't have any available time for this, but if possible it would be awesome if you could support RISC-V 64 bit as a hardware platform when running Linux (I have a Hifive Unmatched board with Linux running on it that I would love to try out if it can handle OWM).

Theoretically, all you'd have to do, since you already support Linux on amd64, is set up your normal development toolchain in a virtual machine running e.g. Fedora ( ... Installing ), and then do whatever you do to produce your Linux tarball for amd64.

Again, I thought I'd at least ask, but I completely understand if that's not feasible for you.

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