Start drawing with following doesn't always work

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Start drawing with following doesn't always work

Post by outzenj » Fri Nov 26, 2021 6:28 pm

This is sporadic; I haven't been able to determine what conditions cause it. But it occurs pretty often and is pretty annoying.

Choose any tool with following, and hover over the edge of an existing object, so that the "Click to Start Following..." tool tip pops up. Click, and nothing happens. This seems to apply to any type of drawing tool and any type of underlying object (though I haven't tested exhaustively). Sometimes the next click will work; other times it seems to take a lot of tries, switching tools, drawing and erasing, etc. before it works.

OWM 1.05 on Windows 11.

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Re: Start drawing with following doesn't always work

Post by Kyete » Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:12 pm

We’ve seen this as well, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it consistently or find what’s causing it. It’s on our list and we’ll hopefully have it fixed by next version. We’ll update you when we find out more and please let us know if you find anything else. Thank you for letting us know!


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