V1.0.5 is out!

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V1.0.5 is out!

Post by Kanchou » Thu Nov 25, 2021 1:00 pm

Hello Everyone!

Finally released V1.0.5! An OSX issue with Big Sur and Monterey ended up taking a bit of extra time, but I'm glad we were able to address it.

This is a "boring" release, as a lot of the changes were bug fixes but it was something we really needed to do. We were able to go through a majority of the known issues and make some progress on the remaining ones.

One particular area of improvement that may not be evident right away is performance for all platforms, particularly OSX, and particularly when having high resolution monitors. If you notice any visual glitches it's probably a side effect of these changes, so please let us know if notice anything so we can fix with V1.0.6.

V1.0.6 will also be a mostly issue fixing release, with our two main priorities for features being better SVG support and the brushes like features. That should make it the last of the V1.0.x branch and after that we'll be moving towards the V1.1 changes.

Summary below:

Features Added:
OWM-905 Fill feature now allows selecting existing lists
OWM-921 Added guidelines
OWM-962 Added option for grid label starting number
OWM-983 Added light blocking for features
OWM-985 Added soft edge to outer edge of Contour Regions
OWM-932 Added Keyboard Shortcuts PDF
OWM-999 Increased range of border image scaling
OWM-1000 Added shift select layers items

Functional Problems Fixed:
OWM-545 Fixed remaining issues with merging of shapes
OWM-727 Fixed horizontal scroll wheel not working for some systems
OWM-916 Merging rooms with overlapping walls no longer breaks doors
OWM-927 Scale export no longer cutting off Room and Corridor Children
OWM-956 Fixed step/plank algorithm bug
OWM-957 Fixed Zoomed Map empty area draw glitch
OWM-959 Fixed merge road on click point bug
OWM-967 Points Edit: Add Point, Make Line/Curve fixed problem with complex path
OWM-971 Can now select through select-disabled items
OWM-986 Fixed Color Palette issues
OWM-987 Fixed issue when placing blocking item in light source
OWM-989 Fixed issues searching for item to follow
OWM-992 Fixed Window with gap room children render bug
OWM-993 Fixed Grids and snapping of when line width beyond limit of map
OWM-995 Locking parent no longer blocks arrow moving children
OWM-996 Fixed courtyard building texture not shown without roof
OWM-997 Fixd building texture rotated with no roof
OWM-1001 Fixed large label parent rerender skew
OWM-1002 Fixed edit shape causing Landmass outline to reappear
OWM-1003 Following, fixed extra points on finishing and added click points
OWM-1007 Fixed scale to grid snap bug
OWM-1008 Fixed Line Pen grid snap blind spot
OWM-1012 Fixed pen switch fractal reroll bug
OWM-1020 Fixed Building roof style bug
OWM-1021 Fixed Isometric grid snap offset
OWM-1023 Fixed splash screen covering "Can't Find File" message
OWM-1030 Fixed issues with keyboard shortcuts using translations

Cosmetic Problems Fixed:

Usability Problems Fixed:
OWM-832 Render Performance Improvements for large screens (particularly OSX and Linux)
OWM-979 Fixed label size focus delete

Artwork Changes:

Known Problems and In-Progress Change Requests:
OWM-309 The map export size is limited to 23000x23000 pixels
OWM-379 Rooms and corridors layering improvements
OWM-573 Improve link tool
OWM-741 Add alternate labeling method
OWM-776 Add legend tool
OWM-825 Add check for updates for non-Windows
OWM-847 Toolbars can't be undocked
OWM-893 Add ability to colligate other items
OWM-902 Palm rejection for tablets
OWM-909 Layers group view
OWM-917 Second grid overlay
OWM-920 Sketch layer
OWM-931 Rebindable keys
OWM-934 Additional options for contour regions
OWM-935 City Wall and Wall Tower improvements
OWM-946 Add JSON export support
OWM-948 Ability to add meta data
OWM-968 Multiple Autosaves
OWM-887 Feature Options More like a Brush
Alejandro S. Canosa
Three Minds Software

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