V0.9.4 is out!

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V0.9.4 is out!

Post by Kanchou » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:27 pm

Hello Everyone!

V0.9.4 is now out! :) More functionality and many bugs fixed with this release.

Extremely happy that we've been able to consistently make releases every 2 months or so. Crossing fingers, this is the type of schedule we'd like to keep for future releases.

Product update emails are going out as I type this. If you don't get yours within the next hour or so, check under spam and if it's not there either please contact us.

Features Added:
OWM-582 — Added snap to straight line shortcut (hold shift) for Line and Bezier
OWM-591 — Segment stairs now can also follow Bezier paths
OWM-611 — Added more formatting to notes edit
OWM-613 — Added keyboard short cuts list to menu
OWM-630 — Layer Window Ctrl+Click now unselected if already selected
OWM-639 — Increased max scaling for features to 300%
OWM-642 — Added opacity to Auto Label options
OWM-652 — Added progress indicator to complex merge operations
OWM-660 — Added support for horizontal scroll wheels

Functional Problems Fixed:
OWM-559 — Art Manager now properly includes all supported file types
OWM-571 — Fixed feature tile/brick issue that left gaps when spacing was less than 100%
OWM-614 — Fixed various issues with exporting while auto labels are enabled
OWM-621 — Open path item shape partitioning now works
OWM-627 — Make Curve no longer can cause item to disappear
OWM-628 — Locked items no longer can be moved using the arrows
OWM-629 — Bridges now included when printing
OWM-631 — Fixed various issues with Shape Edit introduced with V0.9.3
OWM-633 — Layers ZOrder change now added to Undo/Redo stack
OWM-634 — Grid size is no longer corrupted when creating a new map from selection
OWM-637 — Towers now correctly work for all supported shapes
OWM-641 — Non-US Keyboard layouts are now correctly handled by the label tool
OWM-644 — Projection Overlays now allow widths greater than 4500 px
OWM-651 — Grouped items now toggle visibility as one
OWM-662 — Fixed issue with background image for scaled exports

Cosmetic Problems Fixed:
OWM-603 — City Wall and Towers bounding box no longer oversized
OWM-624 — Auto Label no longer trail when size of of text very large compared to item
OWM-643 — Map settings window sizing arrows now correctly show direction
OWM-646 — Shape editing of items while parent landmass background enable no longer leaves artifacts

Usability Problems Fixed:
OWM-620 — Merge indicator now shows when using a tool set to fixed size shape
OWM-622 — OWM will no longer open multiple instances
OWM-626 — Make curve auto selects segments after action so that new Bezier handles are evident
OWM-632 — Shape Edit Button Tooltips
OWM-640 — Disable edit actions for certain types
OWM-650 — Change Item Auto Labels Dlg

Artwork Changes:

Known Problems and Change Requests:
OWM-169 — Add Archipelago Tool
OWM-309 — The map export size is limited to 23000x23000 pixels
OWM-369 — Add more Door/Window functionality
OWM-379 — Rooms and Corridors layering improvements
OWM-389 — Columns on corridors created by Bezier pens can be positioned incorrectly
OWM-515 — Building Roof texture issue
OWM-522 — More options/functionality for measuring tool
OWM-526 - UI scaling for high resolution (and small display..) devices
OWM-545 — Merge fails with certain shapes
OWM-568 — Add exporting overall notes
OWM-569 — Add selective selection
OWM-573 — Improve Link Tool
OWM-579 — Mercator Transverse wrap around issue
OWM-590 — Implement City Wall roof shading
OWM-592 — Group Selection property issues
OWM-605 — Centering in corridor puts items outside corridor
OWM-616 — Deal with cases where part of path items are outside the projection bounds
OWM-635 — Shape file import offset issue
OWM-645 — Paste across maps to have option for relative scale
OWM-648 — Dragging window splitters shows artificants after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
OWM-657 — Auto label for open paths is clipped if text outside item bounds
OWM-659 — Self overlapping stairs not drawn properly
OWM-661 — Add option of "wrapping" roofs to elliptical buildings
Alejandro S. Canosa
Three Minds Software

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