About Us

Three Minds Software, LLC is an indie developer located in Chapel Hill, NC. Other World Mapper is our first independent project.

Stephanie Canosa, Software Engineer, Design, Lead Art

Stephanie began programming in high school and graduated from FSU with a degree in electrical engineering and a minor in physics. After working successfully for several years as software engineers, she and her husband, Alejandro, started their own company, Three Minds Software. During work hours Stephanie can be found honing her programming skills with the help of her two feline familiars, who think helping means lying on her desk. Her hobbies include, but are by no means limited to, gaming, reading, drawing, and cosplay.


Alejandro Canosa, Lead Software Engineer, Design

Alejandro is the programmer of random and crazy things. He graduated from FSU with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Alejandro has experience working on many software projects, from embedded Windows and drivers, to desktop and mobile applications, down to embedded projects. Together with Stephanie, he's designed Other World Mapper and he established the core for Other World Mapper's graphics engine.


Katie Russell, Programming, Art

Katie found an interest in programming when her first choice of bioengineering dragons to guard her castle didn't work and immediately accepted an apprenticeship with the local technomages. After two years, she has now reached the glorious status of closet minion, programming bits of code and sketching artwork for the promise of chocolate and caffeine. She now has plans for mechanical dragons. In the meantime, she makes do with a pair of leopard geckos, though she has yet to figure out how to attach wings.