The Program

What is Other World Mapper

Other World Mapper is a design program for making world maps, dungeon maps and city maps. The idea is for it to have specialized tools and an intuitive user interface that allows the user to create maps quickly and takes the frustration out of creating highly detailed maps.

Our Objective

  • Drawing tools that are designed around map elements such as land, rivers, water bodies, regions and roads, as well as customizable settings for each.
  • Everything drawn with the map element tools to be stored as vectors, yet rasterized real-time. Objects can be scaled, rotated and modified from their vector outline, while their borders, textures, fills and effects will be rasterized again (real time) after each change.
  • Each map element to be a separate layer so that after it is drawn or placed, it can be moved and manipulated.
  • A program that would let us import our own art for features such as buildings and trees, so that we could create unique maps, but with all the advantages of computer editing.

Who Are We Making This For?

We're making Other World Mapper for anyone who wants to create a fantasy or sci-fi style map! Gamers, role players, authors, indie video game or board game creators, if you've ever needed a map for your project this program is for you.

DRM Free and Royalty Free

  • Other World Mapper will be DRM-Free, without any online activation, always online requirements, or severe activation restrictions.
  • Other World Mapper will be royalty free, for both personal and commercial use. You can do anything you want with the maps you create with Other World Mapper: print them, use them for a book, a video game or board game. The maps you create are yours!