Getting the scale right between a world map and single continents

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Getting the scale right between a world map and single continents

Post by Chris_92 » Sun May 17, 2020 4:49 pm

The title says it pretty much: I created a world map with a couple continents. I saw it as a learning opportunity so I didn't really care about the raster or anything except the projection overlay and the world units, which I roughly sized about the diameter of the earth. Now I started to make more detailed maps for each continent and again, I didn't care too much about anything for the first detailed map. I actually had to redraw the continent I want to detail based on its position on the world map (using the projection overlay) because copying it from the world map didn't work due to different sizes.

The whole thing is a bit complicated to explain so here's the TLdR: I didn't care about scale at all in my maps and now all the sizes are way off and I can't adjust the world units to make any sense whatsoever. It's a big mess basically.

I probably can't fix the issues for this world map but I'd very much like your advice on how I should proceed to get everything into scale for the next one. Correct scaling is one of the most important things in creating maps after all.

Cheers and thanks in advance. :)

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