Some new suggestions

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Some new suggestions

Postby Niidhogg » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:49 pm


I've been using your mapper for a few mounth yet and i got some suggestions to give.

Fjörds: Using the river editor to make fjörds doesn't realy work, the best is the water tool but it would be nice to have a tool, maybe an option in the rivers, to make fjörds who are much larger and don't have a round ending. Also the delta option in the river might be intersting for fjörds if we could make it in reverse, fjörds tend to have one "exit" in the sea and several branch going on the land.

Polar circle: I think thats only something you missed or haven"t made yet, but when you have the North Pole Projection, you can't set up a starting and ending longitude and latitude. For exemple I have a map with a north pole continent and I can't activate the Angle labels because the numbers are wrong, i only have a zoom on the northern continent and not the entire world map.

New from selection: This feature is really nice and with the hability to "zoom in", with the resize option, you can go more and more in details with each map. The problem is, once you zoomed in you coast aren't made out of enought fractal and you get only straight lines. It would be really nice to have the possibility to take one or more lines and make a fractal out of it.

Altitudes: Maybe a more complex feature would be to have an altitude creater, or montain maker that can create montain chains and valley and even adjust some level of water to make more interesting coast.

Canyon: Like the fjörds, a canyon creater may be interresting.

Create from a line: May also be interresting to be able to create a shape from a line. For exemple if you make a straight line, it becomes a rectangle, but if you make a fractal line it will be a fractal rectangle. Add randomization between both lines of the rectangle so they are no more symetric. May be interresting for fjörds and canyons too.

Ressources: Jungle and Polar textures and ressources in general are really hard to find. It would be interresting to have a new expension texture pack that covers more climat.

Here is a map of the fjörds i'm trying to make with the inspiration of actual fjörds.


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Re: Some new suggestions

Postby Kanchou » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:14 am

Just wanted to say Thank You! for the feedback and let you know I'll give you a proper response soon :). V0.9.5 is almost out, so that's been taking most of our time.

Thank you!
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